Exclusivity at its Finest

Sink into in a world of me-time with each hotel’s exclusive private amenities for a haven of indulgence and a truly lavish escape within the city’s bustling centre

Enter a realm of infinite luxury. Surrender yourself to a top hotel’s hidden amenities and impeccable services for the discerning few who will truly appreciate the best of the best. You and your family’s every whim and desire will not only be satisfied—it is as if the expert staff could read your heart’s most treasured wishes and make them come to life.

Step into the private guest lift. As the doors close, the ground drops and you arrive at your designated floor in almost the blink of an eye. As the doors open, a stunning home away from home beckons. An elegant living room with dramatic views where you and loved ones can kick back and unwind in style. A private kitchen with adjacent dining area perfect for lively discussions about the day’s adventures over a family meal prepared by culinary experts with your specific dietary preferences in mind. Whether you are a workout energiser bunny or a chill by the Jacuzzi kind of person, your private spa will have every member of your household feeling invigorated, refreshed and ready for the next adventure in the city. Indulge in moments of pure bliss within your very own 5-star home—otherwise known as some of the best hotels in the world.