Hong Kong rolls out the red carpet for esteemed global travellers with a customised itinerary and exclusive offers, wrapping them in a lap of luxury. Understandably, seasoned travellers often forget that the Asian financial hub is a world-class city. The best of the best art, culture, leisure and hospitality experiences can be enjoyed by every member of your household here. Side-by-side with what is new and hip stands ancient traditions and time-honoured rituals. Deep dive into what Asia’s World City has to offer with a VIP itinerary tailored for your interests and unique way of travelling. Anything is possible in Hong Kong; the city’s famous can-do attitude brings dream vacations to life.

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Cultural Encounter

Hong Kong’s buzzing art and culture scene is a mirror of the city’s east meets west legacy. Cutting edge architecture designed by Pritzker Prize laureates housing priceless treasures are must-sees for anyone keen to understand more about the city—and about themselves. Take a stroll along the wide boulevards of West Kowloon Cultural District as you take in curator-led private tours. Gaze at the waterfront from Hong Kong Museum of Art’s terraces after an afternoon of interior eye candy. The riches viewed are takeaways that will last a lifetime.

Explore HK in Style

Hong Kong is blessed with breathtaking natural wonders. As a jewel sparkling in the South China Sea, it boasts a deep harbour set against green mountains and postcard perfect islands where a slower pace of life invites discovery. Do so in impeccable style as you sail, soar or ride in some of the city’s iconic symbols, all in the privacy of your own well-appointed yacht, helicopter or tram. Whether you feel the need for speed or you want to take it slow and steady—the city is at your feet and awaits your singularly gorgeous way of taking it in.

Family Bonds

Hong Kong has many family traditions that underscore how important children and elders are to the community. The city understands that catering to every member of your household means family fun time for loved ones of different ages and interests. Water parks, close encounters with sea and land creatures, educational theatre, heart-pounding rides and lifelike diorama: there are almost an infinite ways to keep family entertained. To ensure privacy for your group, the entire venue is available for many attractions while activities can be customised to exactly how you wish to spend precious holiday minutes. In the blink of an eye, a lifetime of memories is made to be cherished.

Exquisite Services

Hong Kong prides itself on getting things done professionally and gracefully. For your bespoke adventures, take advantage of local knowledge and expertise by tapping into the many exclusive services that the city offers. Need to find a one-of-a-kind gown that fits you perfectly? No problem: a personal shopper can be at your disposal to recommend avant garde and celebrity designers with a myriad of styles and accessories to choose from. Want to learn kung fu from a martial art master? Done: you and your closest friends can punch and kick to your heart’s content in private digs under the expert tutelage of a black belt. Your bucket list of wants and desires can all be had, on a trip worthy of IG posts that everyone back home will be keen to share.