Horseracing Rush with Hong Kong Jockey Club

Thrill to the action of gorgeous horse as they race to the finish line while enjoying all the insider privileges of membership

Equine aficionados understand that a thoroughbred’s majesty is timeless elegance distilled into heart-pounding motion that elicits awe and excitement. To witness them race under expert jockeys is an institution almost as old as Hong Kong itself. The first Happy Valley event in 1846 sparked the city’s horseracing fever. The Hong Kong Jockey Club was established in 1884 as the official organiser of the city’s racing events.

The Club grew and prospered hand-in-hand with its hometown. Today, it is a non-profit entity that addresses the city’s horseracing, sporting and betting entertainment desires. It is one of Hong Kong’s most generous charities; its beneficiaries include schools, art and cultural events, and social enterprises, to name just a few. In fiscal year 2022-23, The Hong Kong Jockey Club contributed HK$35.9 billion (US$4.59 billion) in the form of tax contributions to government-approved charitable donations. In fact, the Club is one of the top ten donors to charitable causes in the world. At its heart remains the Club’s focus on connections: between noble animals, people, and the community that has given it so much. It stands behind the concept that a thrilling moment shared amongst strangers can transcend any barrier. It is no wonder that with 140 years of equine experience, Hong Kong hosted the Beijing 2008 Olympics’ equestrian competitions despite being 2,000 km south of the capital. Today, The Hong Kong Jockey Club continues to support the development of equine sport in mainland China.

For you and your family, spend a day at the races enjoying a myriad of different and exciting racing experiences—all stylishly distinct and so very Hong Kong. Enjoy intimate private events, and exclusive access on race days and nights. Learn from experts about a range of topics from how to pick a winner to how acupuncture can aid a lame horse. Feel the real Hong Kong as your choice crosses the finish line first: a priceless instant to be cherished over a lifetime.

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