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Exquisite imperial treasures handpicked from Beijing’s archival wellspring, curated for your personalised understanding of Chinese culture

Hong Kong Palace Museum may be considered a window into Chinese culture that simultaneously allows Chinese people to view the world through it’s unique frame Its mission is three-fold: from a curatorial perspective, it adopts an international approach with strong narratives depicting bygone eras using the latest multimedia technology. Second: it aims to collaborate with other impactful global civilisations through special immersive exhibitions. Third: it wishes to present a uniquely Hong Kong perspective by engaging local artists to showcase their interpretations of Chinese culture.

Sited at the western end of West Kowloon Cultural District, it opened in 2022 to international acclaim. Hong Kong architect Rocco Yim designed a treasure chest to house priceless artefacts from The Palace Museum and beyond. A sense of its majesty is conveyed through spaces that ascend skywards in a nod to the skyscrapers that dominate the city. Clad with golden aluminium to resemble the glazed tiles used in Beijing, the facade of Palace Museum is just as precious as the jewels within.

The solemn red doors open to a lofty stack of three double height lobbies each facing a different direction; two offer stunning visual experiences of Victoria Harbour. Surrounding the atriums are nine galleries with 7,800 sqm of exhibition space enveloped with noise dampers to showcase treasures with minimal disturbance. Steering Hong Kong Palace Museum is museum director Dr. Louis Ng, a seasoned professional and historian with 36 years of experience in museum planning and management. Popular recent special exhibitions include the 2023-24 Botticelli to Van Gogh featuring priceless art from London’s National Gallery and the 2024 YUAN MING YUAN exhibition of imperial garden art and artefacts.

The museum is designed to surprise and delight, with a progression of rooms that invite discovering something new with every visit. As each gallery is windowless to protect its contents from the sun’s rays, Viewing Decks lead from each atrium out to different points of the compass for al fresco selfies of the skyline. Home to public events, the 400-seat Hong Kong Jockey Club Auditorium is available for those who wish to host a VIP screening or talk. More casual events can be held upon the grand staircases connecting the atriums. For deep dives into select galleries, opt for exclusive private viewings with curator-led tours. Want to gain insight into Ming dynasty blue and white porcelain? Sure thing: a bespoke tour of the museum’s priceless Ming artefacts can be organised for your and your family’s eyes only. Interested in discovering more about the museum’s burgeoning collection? Done: a curator can guide you through Gallery Six with stories behind the treasures—many donated by leaders from the Chinese community. Royalty is within easy reach for you at Hong Kong Palace Museum.

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