Soar New Heights with Heliservices

The sky’s the limit for exploring Hong Kong, with spectacular private tours of the city aboard a well-appointed helicopter surrounded by loved ones

Hong Kong may be known for being a financial hub, yet its parks, islands, rivers and lakes far exceed its built-up territory. What makes the city special is how close its countryside is to urban areas: swims, sails, hikes and mountain biking can all be enjoyed as part of the work day. To truly experience the city’s wonderful dichotomy, soar between the two extremes of gleaming skyscrapers and misty greenery with a one-of-a-kind customisable helicopter ride above it all.

Heliservices was founded in 1978 by the Kadoorie Group. Heliservices is the only premium provider of rotary-wing services in Hong Kong, with a complete range of aviation services including aircraft charter for sightseeing and VIP services.

The luxury flight experience begins at the China Clipper on the 30/F of The Peninsula Hong Kong. After a few refreshments while taking in Victoria Harbour views in the art deco space designed to resemble a first class aircraft cabin, guests are whisked upstairs to the roof’s helipad. Stepping aboard a well-appointed five-seat helicopter, the first realisation of flight is an immediate whoosh as the roof recedes and blue skies dominate. Loved ones will gaze awestruck as the aircraft dips and soars around the city, with skyscrapers quickly replaced by mountains just as tall and dotted with waterfalls, temples and pavilions. All too quickly, the journey ends and solid ground is once again beneath feet. But the sense of being free as a bird over a remarkable metropolis will linger for a lifetime.

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