The High Life with Peak Tram

Ascend into the city’s colonial past while taking in spectacular views of its future aboard a private tram tour, a must for every bucket list

The Peak Tram’s first 1888 iteration operated along a funicular railway that links Central with Victoria Gap. The 1.4 kilometre journey takes 8-10 minutes with a gradient of between 4 to 25.7 degrees. Stops along the route include Kennedy Road, Macdonnell Road, May Road and Barker Road; all except the latter was named to honour a former governor of Hong Kong.

Over 13 decades, the Peak Tram has evolved into a gleaming trolley with green livery for living the high life—literally, Leave behind sparkling skyscrapers dotted with heritage architecture as you ascend into subtropical jungle along the ride to the summit. Victoria Harbour emerges as a shining sea in the distance as you approach the terminus within Peak Tower. After a thrilling ride, discover the perfect base to spend a day breathing fresh mountain breezes; stroll the one hour loop around the summit; or sip tea and take selfies. With its excellent shops featuring Hong Kong must-have souvenirs alongside tempting cafes, restaurants and snacks with slow and fast options, The Peak Tower has something for every member of the family to explore.

For a tailored experience, the tram and the tower’s facilities can be booked for a curated itinerary. Groups can ride in exclusive surrounds to bask in a memorable VIP journey up and down Victoria Peak within a private tram with loved ones. Those seeking to host a special event can secure one of the many restaurants at Peak Tower. For people who wish to have Hong Kong at their feet, Sky Terrace 428 outdoor venue is available for a day of delight surrounded by a stunning panoramic of the city. Both the East (348 sqm) and the West (316 sqm) sections are available to ensure one-of-a-kind events proceed smoothly. Book it for a yoga master class, a ladies-only fashion show, or a Bollywood-style dance party with tunes spun by a celebrity DJ. Life at the top really is special.

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